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Wing Body Truck 

Excellent choice for safe transport!

We save your time and manpower cost with both the convenience of loading and unloading as the side opens the door like the beautiful bird with its wings wide open and Large loading space . you can use them as moving ads that don't require installation cost or place by drawing various advertisement patterns or texts directly using all-in-one panel exterior materials

Applicable model
1t / 2.5t / 3t / 4.5t / 8t / 11.5t / 18t / All models except large cars
Jump / Ceiling Open / shock absorber / Frozen Wing Body-trucks over 1t
Working time is shortened when goods are loaded and unloaded as the left and right wings are fully open, which improves logistics efficiency. The load can be fixed using internal tents and racing rails according to the characteristics of the load.
Various transportation companies, electronic agencies, high-class movers, theater facilities, various professional courier companies, beverages, liquor industry, etc.


Safe protection of the product

It is possible to get on and off the work as the roof of the wing in rainy weather, and the product protection function is excellent when parking. In addition, all devices are mounted in a convenient location for maintenance and the structure is simplified for easy maintenance.

Shorten time when getting on or off

One-touch switchgear with electro-hydraulic drive method reduces workforce, labor cost and Safe operation is guaranteed.

High level advertising effect

Various advertising designs or texts can be put in place using a wide silver outer panel with a soft silver luster, which guarantees intangible profitability as a mobile advertisement that requires no installation cost or installation place.

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