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Refrigeration Truck

Safe transport! Aero dynamic style!

We promise the maximum satisfaction and the best profit for the transportation of various refrigeration products by means of high performance freezers with perfect freezing performance and refrigeration trucks with excellent insulation effect and strong durability.

Applicable model
1t / 1.3t / 2.5t / 3.5t / 5t / 8t / 11.5t / 18t / All models except large cars
Main demand
Ice cream and other confectionery companies / Dairy products / Food production industry / agro and livestock products distributors / Department stores, etc.


Strong freezing performance

The quality is improved by working with the freezing performance first.

Excellent insulation effect

Excellent insulation effect ensures product safety.

Indoor dimension order production

We can customize it for you so that you can use it most comfortably.

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